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“Why are we not achieving what we want?”

Through collaboration, validation, and consistent implementation, yB Management delivers clarity and control.

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  • Compliance

    Change is constant. Modifications to the health care system and corporate policy and procedures are rampant. yB’s culture reflects a deep sense of legal and procedural understanding and that is reflected in our vision of compliance – to do the right thing and validate our performance. We hold ourselves to a higher standard of accountability, and we can help you realize and develop a better strategy to do so as well.

  • Decision Support

    For every initiative, objective and tactic there are a multitude of factors, competing priorities and outcomes to consider. Decision Support provides tools, metrics, trended data, and training needed to deliver excellence at the moment. Our approach to Decision Support emphasizes the value of communication to align user needs with technical capability. Through this process we’ll work with you to assure data are meaningful, actionable and focused on results.

  • Financial Management

    Whether you desire to grow to new heights or seek to strategically sustain current operations in anticipation of future growth, yB can help shape your company’s future. Our Financial Management team offers solutions to harmonize strategic planning with business basics to meet organizational objectives. With SOC compliant internal controls in place, our focus is to diminish financial risks and heighten assurance by accentuating reliability in financial reporting.

  • Human Resources

    For many firms Human Resources is seen as an expense that does not return on the investment. We disagree. At yB, we see HR as a strategic asset that by delivering excellent customer service promotes our brand, reduces turnover, mines new ideas and connects the company to its staff. Understanding what your employees are thinking, not just what they think you want to hear, keeps employees engaged and helps retain quality talent within your organization.

  • Talent Development

    We believe every staff member wants to succeed. We believe every staff member wants to improve. Great leadership motivates individuals to do more than they thought possible. yB’s Performance Management Program provides staff with clear expectations and consistent feedback and incorporates professional development and growth as a significant performance objective for all staff. As a result of this commitment, we have achieve turnover rates consistently less than half the industry norm. yB will work with you to find the right strategy to develop your staff and demonstrate the return on investment for doing so.

  • Product Management

    Our Leadership Team represents over 120 years of experience at nearly every vertical level of the health care delivery system involving site of service, service delivery and payor systems. Our team’s experience includes strategic and transactional skill sets, clinical operations of multiple disciplines in multiple settings, and an intense focus on effectively integrating the clinical and administrative skill sets demonstrated in its approach to billing and financial analysis, the quality and efficiency of clinical delivery, regulatory compliance, human resources, and decision support. Our success is directly related to helping you achieve success in your own organization, which is why collaboration is essential. Your business is not only unique, it is constantly changing. yB will work with you to find the best outcomes to your distinct challenges. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” business; we tailor solutions to fit your needs.

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