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Core Values

  • We want to do the right thing, but understand that well intentioned people may differ on what this is, and sometimes what we think is the right thing can’t be done;
  • We want people to tell us what they think, not what they think we want to hear-it doesn’t mean we’ll always enjoy the experience;
  • We expect that all leaders within the company will expect that of others; and
  • Honor the blue-blue theory that recognizes that human communication is at best inexact and that disconnects arising from miscommunication are to be expected and managed as honest disconnects rather than a massive conspiracy

Brand Requirements

  •  Ask why (“y”), say because (“B”), and allow for the “what if”
  •  Ask the customer, ask the employee
  • Commit to improve, really
  • Keep Commitments
  • Accept responsibility, assign credit
  • Measure to ensure its meaningful and validate